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Project Description
An interface for organising items in SharePoint Lists - inspired by


A simple card/post it note like UI for displaying and organising items in SharePoint lists.

Watch a video walkthrough on YouTube



  • SharePoint 2010, 2013 and SharePoint Online / Office 365 (see note below though)
  • Modern browser (IE8+, Chrome, Firefox)
  • VisualStudio 2013 (for development)

Technologies used

  • SharePoint Sandbox web part
  • C# (Managed Code)
  • EMCAScript Client Object Model - aka JSOM
  • JQuery & JQueryUI

Now works with SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online / Office 365 !!

HOWEVER Microsoft have announced that they have 'depreciated' Sandbox Solutions that contain managed code (as SPrello does).

At some point Microsoft plan to phase out support for these "responsibly" and presumably they will stop working in Office 365 and also probably in later version of "On Premises" SharePoint.
  • The announcements don't give timescales for when this will happen so use this at your own risk. *

It would be possible to use most of the techniques here and migrate the code to the new App Model but this is won't be done by the original authors so evaluate this risk if you're using this project in a production environment.

Further references

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